I know this is heart-breaking but I currently have an exclusivity agreement with a business newspaper and will no longer be writing for any publication that is vaguely in the same domain. So I haven't been picking up writing assignments of late. But do feel free to check back in three years! If you like the blogging goodness here then you will be relieved to know that I do a lot of other writing as well. I do two fortnightly columns and several one-off pieces for several publications. Here is an ever-changing list of these freelance projects:

  • Businessline Newspaper (Fortnightly Column)
  • JAM Magazine (Fortnightly Column)
  • Hafta Magazine (Editor and Contributor)
  • Blah.burrp.com (Contributor)

Other people I have written for:

  • Economic Times
  • Man's World
  • Men's Health
  • ICFAI Publications

I now keep an updated set of links to all my non-blog writing here. Feel free to browse around or subscribe to the feed. If you think I can write for you do click here and send me a message. And do it NOW for god's sake. The rent is due and the car loan people will be coming over next week! Gulp.