The making of Whatay. Part 1: Padayappa clip

by sidin in

I am asked very often why this blog's URL is And indeed, why I use the term so copiously. And, doubly indeed, how this term went from being inside joke to becoming part of local lingo at that business school I once went to. (Though I have no idea if people still use it.) Today I wish to show you that scene from Padayappa, the Rajnikanth super hit, which first got a bunch of us southie folk saying "Whatay" all the time.

Only the first 14 seconds will play on first click, for your efficient viewing pleasure. But you can click play again and see the rest of the exciting 21st part of Youtube Padayappa.

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P.s. Whatay can be used as verb, noun, adjective, preposition and gerund. P.s.s Please note the tremendous head trauma scene at the 10 second mark. Enjoy audio accompaniment without fail.