Crazy things happen here...

by sidin in

The latest issue of Time Out London is a a special "Cheap Issue". It makes fun of women, makes lurid jokes and re-gifts copiously. Ha. Comedy!

But no. It is a splendid issue and I find myself finding so many interesting, yet affordable, things to do on every page. Bravo I say. And it couldn't have come at a better time. We've just completed paying the deposit on our rental flat here.

Let's not talk about it. Or I'll feel bad. And then convert to Indian Rupees. And feel 71 times as bad all over again.

So I was reading this issue of Time Out today when, on a whim, I decided to read the letters to the editor as well. (I know. Reckless.)

Which is when this gem of a letter, titled Police, camaraderie, action!, leapt out. I reproduce it here in full:

Anyone who thinks Londoners are not public spirited should have seen the scenes in Bayswater last week. A French school party's luggage was stolen as they loaded their coach outside their hotel. Workmen across the street alerted the victims, who gave chase. A street cleaner and a traffic warden joined in, detained one thief and recovered most of the cases. Police on foot were alerted by staff at a florist's and, while running to the scene, were given a lift by a passing cabby! The other thief was arrested. The teacher who stayed to give statements were driven to St. Pancras by the police to make his Eurostar on time. Well done, London!

Anon, by email

You can't make this stuff. Unless you are Priyadarshan.

Crazy things happen in London.

Well done indeed.