Hilary Mantel on Wolf Hall

by sidin in

Cover of "Wolf Hall: A Novel (Man Booker ...

Have I told you about my obsession with author podcasts? About how I diligently download as many author interviews as I can onto my iPod and then listen to them many times?

Personally I like to skip the parts where they talk about one, or several, of their books. Instead, I like to focus on the writing process they follow. Do they wake up at 4:30 AM and start typing? Do they carry moleskine notebooks around to jot down ideas? And how did/do they go about researching their books?

The latest addition to this collection is an iTunes "Meet The Author" interview with Hilary Mantel. I haven't read the Booker prize winning Wolf Hall yet. The book is one of the many I abstained from while editing up Dork. (Fear of "inspiration", insecurity etc. etc.)

You can listen to that episode, and archives of the "Meet the Author" podcast, here.

My favourite-st author interview show however is the BBC's excellent World Book Club. Superb interviews with great authors. And extremely accessible. Plenty to listen to online and on the iPod, here.

The latest episode of WBC featured John Boyne, author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas:

Some of the other authors featured on WBC include Annie Proulx, Kiran Desai, Wole Soyinka etc. etc. Splendid archives.

Another superb place to evesdrop on the "writing process" is the wonderful "Writers' Rooms" series at the Guardian. The last update, however, is dated last July. Pity.