Some assorted humour clippings - I

by sidin in

Clipping 1: First of all there was the column in Friday's Mint about Google's mysterious and ominous new algorithm to pick out employees who were most likely to quit. There was much to think about that:

Clipping 2: Then yesterday plans were revealed about the huge, awesome stand-up comedy venue coming up in Mumbai. The famed Comedy Store from London is coming! Whatay heart-breaking thing to hear just months after one resettles in Delhi. Damn. I foresee much low-cost flying from November.

Clipping 3: And finally, I was cleaning out the house yesterday morning when I came across this week old copy of the Hindustan Times lying behind the sink. Flipping through languidly I noticed a most bizarre Calvin and Hobbes strip. This time I truly did not "get" the C&H joke. The following is a clip from the e-paper.

Aai caramba!

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