Since you guys asked...

by sidin in

Now I can finally tell you peeps why the blog slowed considerably over the last one year. Look what came in the mail today: (I've blacked yellowed out some bits due to contractual obligations.)  

Paper work

Couple of things to point out:

1. Yes my name is still causing trouble. Sigh. I might change it to something else so that it looks better in book stores. Like "Dan Brown Vadukut".

2. Will update on expected dates, title, excerpts and so on as soon as I get inputs and go-aheads from the Penguin people. Currently I am thinking of calling it "A short history of nearly every five point someone slumdog white tiger's letters to Penthouse".

3. A very big thank you to all you guys. This blog is quite the community story you know. So collective high-fives all around.

4. Set aside money right now to buy it when it eventually comes out.