Recently noted around Delhi - Part 1

by sidin in

Frequent readers of this blog will be aware of how we are big fans of Dwarka sub-city here. Largely because we live there and no one else we know does. Or will. Sigh. For instance we were excited a few weeks ago when we discovered that Dwarka houses one of the more popular film related brotherhoods in the country: the Kumar Sanu fans’ club.

But earlier this week we discovered the reason behind that electric feeling one gets as soon as one steps out of a metro train and touches down upon the hallow soil of the sub-city. Doubting? See this picture:

Volt-ay Phase

Of the two pillars the left one tells you in which direction you can find some of the major stations on the blue line. By which I mean the major stations of Dwarka, Dwarka Mor, Dwarka Sectors 14, 13, 12 and so on. And to a lesser extent Rajiv Chowk. The right one helps you find:


So if you are in need of 25,000 volts for some emergency purpose you know how to get it. It is somewhere in Dwarka on the blue line. Mind the gap and stand behind the yellow line.

Meanwhile this is a book that was spotted at the in-laws’ place two weekends ago. They tell us it is a masterpiece:

Da Vinci Code

How can you possibly not read a book where some of the letters in the title have dots underneath them? All Sanskrit fiends feel free to leave comments-aha.

Continuing in that cultural and historic vein we were impressed by this well-preserved sculpture at the National Museum last weekend:

Company for lunch

While such sandstone pieces are are quite commonplace, it is exceedingly rare to find one with a tiffin box in such pristine condition. Thankfully our curiosity was whetted by the information on the plaque you can see in the picture. Close-up below:

Information is power