Dwarka's believe it or not...

by sidin in

Over the last few weeks many people have asked us why we chose, of all the places in Delhi, to live in Dwarka. Isn't it boring? Are there any restaurants? What do you do for coffee or IIT coaching? What do you do with the money you save on rent? And we say:

1. No it is not. We have old men who come outside our window every morning and do laughing yoga. I have never had better digestion in my life.

2. There are tons of restaurants. KFC, Bercos, Moti Mahal, Colonels Kababz and, most of all, KFC.

3. There is a Costa right across the road from an Akaash Institute.

4. I buy Blackberrys. The missus buys blankets. We have two of the former and thirty-seven of the latter. Apparently blankets are a Delhi thing. The in-laws gift us three or four every weekend. We have no idea where they keep them. My 'study and writing room' is now mostly a 'blanket and knitted goods room with laptop.'

But the single most important reason we have moved to Dwarka is for the cultural scene. Surprised? Don't be. Peruse below the poster of one such cultural phenomenon snapped by the missus at Dwarka Sector 5 market, near the ICICI bank on Saturday. Watch in wonder. Also weep:

Faaaahhhhhhn Claaaahhhhhb

I particularly like those spectacles.

Those two heads at the bottom, if you are wondering, are the national chairman and the Delhi chairman of the fan club.

P.s. I do not mean to mock Kumar Sanu or his fans. That man was truly a bollywood phenomenon in his time.

P.s.s. But then so was Mamta Kulkarni. I am just saying.