PR kiya toh darna kya

by sidin in

Transcript of conversation with anonymous public relations professional on newsroom phone a few days ago. Edited for readability.

(Phone rings)

Sidin: Hello... Sidin (It is a miserable habit of mine, that line. So many people respond by saying: "No.")

Random PR professional: Hello Sidin! This is <mallu name> from <name of PR company>!

S: Hi. Tell me.

RPRP: I have been reading your work for a long time now. And I am impressed.

S: (Sensing a catch somewhere...) Oh thank you very much.

RPRP: Especially the wonderful work you've been doing in the area of Law firms and legal services...

S: (What the...) Oh I see. Which stories in particular?

RPRP: Oh the one... err.. you know the story... this particular one... I mean the one on...

S: (Aha! The plot thickens...) Oh you mean the one I wrote last weekend?

RPRP: EXACTLY! That one. It was so, so, so good...

S: On legal services no?

RPRP: Yes yes.

S: Ah but I have NEVER EVER written a single world in my entire career on legal services and law firms...

RPRP: Never?

S: Not once.



RPRP: Maybe I have my information wrong.

S: Maybe you do.