Blogger crippled by floundering economy

by sidin in

Many of you think believe that us blogger/writer/journalists live lives of luxury and excess. What with the traveling, the informal work attire and the fluffy deliverables. "Maybe this week I will write a piece on the potato!" is what most of you think we are thinking about all the time with our feet propped up on our tables and pint bottles of Carlsberg in our hands. No meetings to attend, no spreadsheets to crunch and no reports to file. But alas the truth must be told. Our lives are not all milk and honey. We do not live merry lives. And this current economic downturn is hitting us very hard indeed. To highlight this I present the photo of a note the maid left on our refrigerator door a few days ago. Merely the act of embedding it here is causing tears to well up in my eyes.

Look what the global melt-down has done to the Domain Maximus household:

fridge note

Merely a diet of pulao and nimbu pani is what fuels this blogger. Have mercy readers! I am accepting donations in the form of cash and Nintendo Wiis.

Okay now I need to go get another Carlsberg.

p.s. The other blog has a little graph you might like to check out. Especially if you have an MBA.