Notice: Write well. Write little. Make money.

by sidin in

Those are things I have been dying to do myself for the last many, many years. While it is technically possible two make a lot of money while writing very little, I doubt if any of those methods are actually legal. But a few days ago my dear friend and partner in editorial crime Peter Griffin informed me of the Caferati-Livejournal Flash Fiction contest. Caferati, as we all know, is what they call the coffee machine in a Maserati. Ha! Humour! Thanks.


No Caferati is, according to the site: "writers helping other writers with tips, suggestions, encouragement, through critique, workshops and exercises." Nothing like some awesome criticism to make a budding new writer go back to day job no? (Again, kidding.)

So if you are one of those people who want to know how to write, where to write, what to write and so on then Caferati are good people to hang out with.

Also, while you are at it, participate in the Flash Fiction Contest:

Can you tell a quicker, snappier story than anyone else? Would you care to pit your story-telling abilities against those of your peers?

Quick Tales, the LiveJournal - Caferati Flash Fiction contest, asks you to tell us a story in 500 words or less. On offer: delicious cash prizes, global visibility and the chance to be part of a book.

These are the cash prizes most delicious:

  • 1st Prize: Rs 19,999
  • 2nd Prize: Rs 16,000
  • 3rd Prize: Rs 12,000
  • 4th Prize: Rs 8,000
  • 5th Prize: Rs 4,000

So hurry. Don't let Abhinav Bindra be the only guy winning things. Games Village closes on September 7th. Click on the Quick Tales link above to flash your... err... fiction.

Tomorrow's Domain Maximus agenda: Blog once and for all about MBA-entrance related questions.