Anecdoting by the water cooler

by sidin in

An image of Amitabh Bachchan Actually it was the open air eating area on the terrace where the journalists here retire to when they need a break from the hectic Youtube video watching pursuing of truth and fact for the upliftment of mankind. We were swapping celebrity gossip over lunch from Pritam when a colleague recalled this most embarrassing incident, as told to her, about a rookie photographer just assigned to photograph India's biggest star, no less.

The photographer waits, along with journalist who would shortly interview the star for a newsmagazine, while the star himself is quickly combing his hair and, I assume, trimming that salt and pepper french beard.

Amitabh Bachan walks out of the room, rookie photographer begins to palpitate just a little bit, breathing deeply, the colour draining from his face. This is one of his first assignments ever.

AB: Okay I am ready.

Rookie Reporter:

AB: Hello?

RR: Hello sir. Are you comfortable in front of the camera?




RR: *life flashing before his eyes, while simultaneously evaluating other career options*

Rest of the room: Deathly silence

AB: (Frosty) I will try to make myself comfortable in front of the camera.

RR: Thank you.

Image courtesy Wikipedia.