Return of the...err...blogger person

by sidin in

"Hello?" "Hey... Pastrami... wassup."

"Screw me. Where have you been man... What has it been? A month since you blogged?"

"A little more than that. Almost one and a half actually..."

"What happened man...?"

"Well I've just been busy with things Pastrami. You know how it is..."

"No I don't. People were beginning to worry you know. Leaving comments and emails and all that."

"Oh well things happened. I bought an ipod. And then there was that exclusivity agreement with this newspaper..."

"Gasp! Exclusivity agreement you say? Does that mean...that...this blog..."

"Not to worry Pastrami. I've managed to keep this blog indie. So to speak."

"Ah. Good news that is. So which newspaper is this?"

"You know. The business paper. The little orange one that can."

"Ah, so can we expect business as usual here? Or will Domain Maximus fade away into the cyber sunset of zero posts and spam comments?"

"Tut tut. Hold that tongue Pastrami. No such thing will happen. Business is back to usual with immediate effect."

"So we will get to know what happened to you in Goa after all?"

"Absolutely. Life is a Beach Part Two is being polished off as we speak..."

"Good news that. You had me scared there for a moment you know."

"You truly care Pastrami. I truly hope your bank does not go bankrupt and your desk does not get chucked into the rubbish heap of contemporary banking..."

"Sigh. Who knows. Anything is possible in this economy."

"Don't worry P. JP Morgan can always buy you guys out."

"I doubt that. Ok I need to go. Plans for the long weekend?"

"None made yet. Blog a little of course."

"Excellent. Bye Sidin."

"Bye bye Pastrami."