A few good MBAs wanted

by sidin in

Friends, romans and country fellows...

The author is working on a project for a national newsmagazine. This project involves collecting feedback from desis who have done MBAs in India and, especially, abroad. Photo will be published. Which will instantly grant the person many minutes of fame across MBA aspirants all across the country.

I do not have to remind you that approx. 50% of these aspirants are ladies (men) who are looking for meaningful relationships (hanky panky) with stud MBAs such as yourself.

But seriously, it will involve close to no hassle, a couple of emails back and forth and a reasonably large national audience. Very good if your working for a startup looking for some buzz out there. Or have a CV that needs urgent visibility before they foreclose your mortgage. Also you can choose your own photo to publish. (Photoshop away as many extra chins as you want.)

And yes this is not some IIM/Harvard/Wharton-only thing. I am looking for a good mix of profiles from all over the place.

Drop me an email on sidin[at]jammag[dot]com with "I M MBA" in the subject! I wait with bated breath.

Back to work.