Divine Intervention

by sidin in

Perhaps the Ram Setu controversy has indeed riled the gods and their near and dear ones. Or perhaps the gods are on the side of the small trader. "Down with organized retail or modern retail or whatever KSA Technopak is calling it these days!" is maybe what the gods are trying to tell us.

But whatever it is, someone or something at Mr. Biyani's establishments seems to have rubbed the Monkey God the wrong way.

Let me explain in order to make this blog post longer than it really needs to be.

Every once in a while I like to make a little trip to the Big Bazaar and Dollar Store outlets of Phoenix Mills and see if I can take some interesting, bloggable photographs. Avid readers will remember the infamous "Not so good name for a product to be put in your hair" photo I grabbed while at the Dollar Store last time.

Well this time we have a startling image from Big Bazaar itself. Feast your eyes on this astonishing image which really indicated the depths to which Big Bazaar has fallen:


The benevolent Monkey God himself has begun to send back stuff he's bought from Big Bazaar it seems.

Tut tut. And then they need to display the fact so prominently as soon as you enter the store. If you intend to drop in there any time soon it's by the aisle on the right with the stationary goods.

Sigh. And in order to get over the impact I had to read this interesting page on Wikipedia. Nothing like other people's failures to keep yourself amused. And, if you still have free time, then this one.

Ok, now I need to return to that second part of that Goa trip report.