Whatay Freebie Concerts!

by sidin in

Sometimes you just can't have enough reasons to like somebody's blog no? Well here's one more to read DM more often.

If you are a fan of rock music or like concerts and music dos in general then you might want to drop in at the JAMCAT concerts in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. Four simultaneous concerts in these four cities with performances by awesome bands some as good as (Warning: Hype ahead) Dire Straits!


On Sunday Nov 18 @ 6.30 pm in these cities:

St Joseph's Boys School, Museum Rd
Bands playing: White Noiz, Junkyard Groove and Motherjane

College of Vocational Studies, Sheikh Sarai (south campus)
Bands playing: Prithvi, Them Clones and Parikrama

SNDT college ground, Juhu
Bands playing: The Works, Gaurav Dagaonkar and Zero

Elysium, Koregaon Park
Bands playing: Black, Brute Force and Agni

Thanks to the people at Bindass and LG you can print out as many invits as you want and get all your friends to turn up as well. Feel free to post up in company noticeboards, insti lanboards, engg. colleges etc.

Also fancy going to space? Turn up early (3-ish) for Bindass Go to Space auditions.

Click on www.jammag.com for your ek dum muft invites.

p.s.: Actually it makes good sense to turn up. That way concert goes well. Sponsors like it. Rashmi makes money. She gives some to me. I donate half to a noble cause (Dominoes)  and the rest for my expenses. Which makes me need to freelance less and blog more. Which you like no? So really if you love yourself at all you have to turn up.

You owe it to yourself.

(Well yes there is an alternative. You can just send me money. But that strategy doesn't seem to be working for me at all outside the family. Chalo, I am off. I need to donate blood for cash. Cough cough. Sigh sigh.)