Trust you with my money? I don't think so!

by sidin in

Hola peeples!

Back from a most exhilarating trip to the Dilli to meet the in-laws, play cards, eat copious sweets and so on.

And not to forget the drive around the city after midnight on Diwali when I had a great chance to take in all that atmosphere. By which I mean suspended particulate matter that now covers the inside of my lungs to a depth of several microns and has aggravated my minor asthma. And let's not even start about my nose. Let me not get all picky. (Hah!)

Sniff. Gasp. Gurgle. Blow. Ooh barfi!

But I get ahead of myself. All details of the Diwali trip will appear in a friendly blog avatar very soon.

Today I need to get back to work and have only just about enough time to post this frolicsome image from a website I was browsing recently. It is an advertisement for Sharekhan doled out by Google Adsense exhorting novice investors to sign up with them:


Now I like the format. It is quite lively and engaging because of the comic book look and feel. The guy on top looks suitably bamboozled by forwards, options, blue chip, P/E and such like.

But observe the guy at the bottom. The man from Sharekhan.

The friendly face of reliable wealth management he is NOT. In fact he has a look of someone who is just waiting to lay his hands on your money (among other things) before disappearing forever from the face of the earth.

FirstStep - A unique program for those who have never invested before! And will never ever invest again! Unless they sold a kidney! Ha!

Would you give your hard earned money to that man with that sneer?

On the other hand would you give it to a freelance writer who needs it?

Sigh. Thought so.