Reality Cheque

by sidin in

Busy week with the JAM issue due on Monday. So simply not enough time to write and post. But thankfully the latest Rediff installment is up and generating great debate on the messageboard. By which I mean several unsuspecting members of my family are being referred to in less than flattering terms.

The thing is, most of our TV channels just ape the programmes that are successful in the west. Some of them are good, no doubt, but not all of them have swimsuit rounds. Also, why don't they adapt the really interesting shows for India? For instance the show called "Beauty and the Geek" where a roomful of supermodel types are locked up with some intellectual men could easily become a hit in India. "Beauty and the Humour Writer" is an idea that immediately comes to mind.

Therefore I decided that it was time we put an end to this imported nonsense and, over the last weekend, came up with some quintessentially Indian reality shows. These are competitions that truly bring out the salient features of our societies and the Indian way of life. Why bother with Prannoy Roy or Rajdeep Sardesai going on about current affairs and stock markets, when you can update yourself with key issues in a fun and entertaining fashion with possible nudity?

More here -> Reality Cheque.

p.s. Somebody wanted to post some ads for jobs on the blog. And then someone else also did. Apparently the reader demographic (MBA/IT/Engineer with sense of humour/too much free time) is in high demand. I might fire up a job board so it doesn't clog the blog. Or maybe I won't. I haven't decided.