Dumbass Media Product of the Day

by sidin in

I have nothing against the wonderful people at the DNA newspaper here in Mumbai. They may have made me a write a few pieces now and then, made me email it to them, and then never reverted ever again. This may have happened seven or eight times. But besides that I love these guys like the Ebola. But I am puzzled by a slideshow on the DNA site I spotted earlier this morning. The attention grabbing blurb:

Look what celebs do with their middle fingers

They can say using the middle finger is obscene (ask once-upon-a-time coach Gregory Chapell, if you don’t believe us), but Bollywood celebs don’t seem to think twice before sporting it in public!

I don't know what to say really. Slide on!

p.s. First one is very good indeed! But after that. Special mention for the great one line comments for each pic.