Mallu in the corner... hahahahaha... nuff...

by sidin in

Okay dear world and everyone with Gtalk, This is to reiterate, forcefully, that by now I am well aware of the Mis-bah Ul Haq joke. You know. The one with him not knowing Sree Santh was there. When everyone knows that there is a 'Malayalee in every corner of the world'.

Please please do not send it to me again. I cannot act as if am hearing it for the first time anymore. It is an excellent joke, no doubt, but it's time has passed.

I thank everyone who has send it to me so far and send you a million thanks, one for each time I got it.

So this is a good time then to share that other popular Mallu sporting joke:

Q: Why should you never football with a mallu?

A: Because if you give him a corner he will immediately start a tea-stall!!!

Adios and when time permits click the latest Rediff installment.