Today's unfortunate hindi lyric and branding case study

by sidin in

Busy busy day. Lots of work in the office and then the final after. So not enough time to whip up a post of any substance. But nonetheless two titbits that might get the thought process moist as the day goes on: 1. Spare a thought for the south indian friend who listens to the song from Darling and is scandalized:

"Aa khushi se khud khushi kar le!"

Obviously right? Is there any other emotion when you're... you know...

2. Spotted on a shopping trip to Pheonix Mills. Every weekend the missus and me drive away to Phoenix Mills, walk up to the Marks & Spencer's showroom, sigh for a few moments, and then zip around it and all the way upto the Dollar Store next to Phoenix Mills.

This weekend we spotted this example of astounding, by which I mean ridiculous, branding. The product is a hair vitalizing shampoo with Vitamin E and Panthenol. (I never use shampoo without Panthenol for your information.)

And what do the geniuses decide to name it?



Now be a darling, take the afternoon off and go watch the match. I'll be at Sport Bar @ Phoenix Mills if anyone's wondering.