How bad is it?

by sidin in

Last night we were driving back home when the missus suggested we chill out the Imax here in Wadala for a bit. We do that on, I don't know, alternate weekends? It normally comprises a leisurely stroll around the food court area trying not to be smoked to death by the excessively aromatic Thai food place therewith or a formless slump into the sofa seats at the Crossword with a graphic novel.

But last night, as we drove up to the place I called up the booking number to see if any movies were available

Sidin: "Do you have Ram Gopal varma ki Aag?"

Lady: "He he he. No." Much chuckling in the background.

Sidin: "It's gone?"

Lady: "Yes we have removed it..." Guffaws. Snigger.

Sidin: "Ok. Sheesh..."

So tell me how bad is it? One week was all it was given? That hasn't happened to Mohanlal ever. Sigh.

But seriously. How bad is this thing? Tell me using nifty little metaphors and similes. For instance :

1. As boring as a 'Veteran Chartered Accountants' mailing group

2. As painful as a hernia operation where you overhear the doctor say: "I said Anesthesia you fool! Anasthesia! What do I do with this DVD of the Academy Award-nominated animated feature film produced and directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman at Fox Animation Studios, that was released on November 14, 1997 by Twentieth Century Fox for god's sake!"

Leave yours in the comments.

p.s. Saturday mornings aren't so good for my metaphors.