Men are from Mars, Women don't get The Matrix

by sidin in

I am not one of those MCP type guys who look down upon women. In fact I am highly appreciative of the fairer sex and believe they should be treated as equals. This is despite the fact that they can get extremely annoying while you are watching your fave sci-fi cult movie by asking the most insane questions and refusing to buy your perfectly articulate explanations:

W: So who is that person?

S: That is the Oracle.

W: Oh my! They still need a Relational Database Management System in the future. Hmm...

S: Haha. The humour. Biting...

W: <Smug>

S: No she is is actually this computer program... in the Matrix... that you know can see the future and all... She helps Neo on his mission.

W: If she can see the future then what is the point yaar...

S: No I mean she can't see EVERYTHING obviously. Just some things. And its not like everything she says comes true or anything. Neo can change the future if he wants to...

W: I dont see what is the big deal really. Clearly she is a sapient program that is more deterministic in her approach to foresee the future than actually dictate further action and events. Sort of a soft, tolerant rogue program that slightly accomodates errant sub-programs within the larger program architecture...

S: (Quietly contemplating on his decision to discuss the nuances of the Matrix with someone who has a degree in Information Technology.)

W: Let's watch Lage Raho

S: Ok!

But apart from slight foibles like that women are cool.

But try telling Dick Masterson that. Dick has this bizarre blog called "Men are Better than Women" that, on further reading I discovered to my surprise, is all about one gender being better than the other. (Disclaimer: Not always pleasant or warm reading. But all text and safe for office perusal.)

As for me I think I am happy with the world the way it is. For considering that most men act like this, we don't want to piss women off altogether.

God knows, they may all end up being able to do this one day.

Off course that does means more time with the Playstation on the weekends.

(General Marriage Sustaining Disclaimer: The W in the above exchange stands for "Woman besides wife" and that S stands for "Some guy but not Sidin".)