Chicken Soup for the Portable Con-soul

by sidin in

It can happen right? One day your Gameboy is running like a dream and you're plugging away at that copy of Max Payne or Legend of Zelda or, who are we kidding, Playboy Mansion: Booty Bonanza when suddenly it happens.

Our clumsy, stupid little portable gaming console trips over the pet dog and goes crashing down the staircase. And before you can scream "Oh my god what has happened to my fave mode of handheld pleasure!" your console has a concussion and torn muscles and busted joints.

Have no fear for right here in Wadala East, in the Dosti complex, we have a store that can easily solve those problems. This is a notice outside the shop I snapped earlier this week:

Gameboy Cartilage

Seriously. Is there ANYTHING retailers don't think of nowadays?