Welcome to the new Domain Maximus!

by sidin in

green traffic light

Voila! Finally we are up and running!

And, deyvame!, was it a challenge.

I am what you would call a man of detail. I like to do my research and all my homework before I set out to do something. So merely moments after I decided that blogger was passe and a domain of my own was the way to go I was on the interweb looking out for the perfect combination of looks, usability and economy for my new blogging system.

Soon I had a decent idea of what I was looking for. A vast Google search for "high quality back-end" yielded many many interesting results that took me the better part of a week to get through. (I could have done this faster but I work to a strict schedule everyday after my wife has gone to sleep.)

Every search result I read carefully. I downloaded pictures and videos and even took printouts of several outstanding back-ends.

Finally I had zeroed in on Wordpress, got the domain nicely paid for and sat down to the business of designing a template. For another week I struggled with PHP, HTML, CSS, XHTML, AJAX, DTDC, BEST and, god knows, ABVP before I had a wonderful little template that oozed class and refinement.

I showed it to the missus.

Missus: "You did this?" SSV: "Yup. Nifty yes?" Missus: "Hmm... is that a yellow tractor running up and down the footer area?" SSV: "Of course not! How classless do you think I am? That is a Combined Harvester dear..." Missus: "Why would you this to the world?" SSV: Missus: <Shift-delete> SSV:

Soon she made me this warm and friendly little thing you see here. It is everything I wanted. Clean, neat, not too bright, pleasant coloured, much more loaded with widgets and technology than immediately appears and, most importantly, light on the net and unimposing on the actual content in the middle.

Me likes very very much. It is a brilliant template. And I am not saying this because she is standing right behind me with a coffee table book on "Happy Married Life" held menacingly.

You will, obviously, see incremental little changes on the template as time passes. Mostly in colour and some layouts and things.

But the real change will be, hopefully, in my posting frequency. Honestly I don't write half the time half as much as I should like and I like less than half my posts half as much as I should like to.

So this time I will try to change things around here a little bit. I will try to post a little something everyday. Maybe not a full blogpost. But snippets of news, links, pictures and other such esoterica.

Original or not, I am sure everything will amuse you, my dear reader.

Of course it is not all altruistic. I am looking to use the blog as a proper vehicle for my writing and consulting work. Therefore you will find links above to pages that showcase my non-blog writing and my contact details as well.

So there. Nothing as refreshing as a fresh new beginning eh? Hope you enjoy things here as much as you did back at Domain Maximus 1.0. Who knows? Things could get even better here.

So full steam and onward ho!

p.s. The guy in the banner is Parthsarathy Kalasalingus.

p.s.s. 'Whatay' is a word with much meaning and significance.

p.s.s.s. More on both in time.