Hip Hip Hurrah

by sidin in

There comes a time in the life of a blog when the author sits back and thinks "If seven people can do a piece of work in five days then in how many days can three mallus do the same amount of work but this time if the factory is shifted from Gurgaon to Cochin?"

Can the answer be half a million? Perhaps.

This author can also not be faulted if he sits back and often wonders why God (Knopfler) would give him so many organs in pairs. He (the author) is often philosophical, sometimes whimsical but always well intentioned. He would be open to selling one of his kidneys if push came to credit card default shove. For how much?

Can the answer be half a million Gandhis? Perhaps. (Throw in a PS3 will you?)

So here I am rambling away. You the reader thinking "What the...?"

Well there is a purpose dear friend. For if you leisurely scroll down this page till the hit counter emerges on the right you will see a number. What number could it be? (Hints galore...)

Half a million? OH YEAH BABY...

WOO HOO. Balle Balle Shaava Shaava. Throws your arms in the air like you jusht dont care...

For this blog has finally, after what... three years?... logged up half a million hits. HALF A MILLION! Not bad eh?

And all thanks to you and the hundreds of people out there who linked through to me and clicked on Domain Maximus every once in a while even when I was AWOL, flamed me, left vile but amusing comments and were jolly good in general.

I love you all. Mwaah Mwaah. So from my side to all of you here: