Steal Resolve

by sidin in

Good afternoon everyone.

Being the multifaceted personality that I am, I am often approached by readers for all sorts of assistance. Several of you have requested help with losing weight, speaking Hindi without an accent and starting businesses in South Africa.

Well not really. But a relative recently was asked to go to SA on work and had a merry adventure trying to get a visa done. After months of effort and several phone calls and faxes the South African Visa Gods finally smiled down upon on him (or 'up upon him' geographically speaking.) He was jumping for joy when he received an email from the 'Visa-fixer type people' in Johannesburg.

He immediately clicked forward and zipped it out to everyone in his personal address book. We were all happy for him and promptly deleted the email.

Then suddenly he mailed us another copy with a request to read till the very end of the correspondence. You should do too. I have pasted it below. "Oh my god that is so hilarious, it makes me laugh so much" is the first word that popped into my mind when I read it:

(P.S. Ah those days when you can blog with so little effort.)
(P.P.S. More accounts from people in SA are welcome!)
(P.P.P.S. I know. Hehehe. Funny.)

Dear *****,
We are pleased to advise that the Consulate General in Mumbai has indicated that your Work Permit application has been approved and you can collect your passport from them tomorrow morning.

Please remember to scan and e-mail us a copy of your permit, prior to your departure to South Africa.

Thank you & best regards,

**** *****
* ******* * ********
Registered Immigration Practitioner: ****/****/****
Telephone: 0861 IMMIGRATION (0861 *** ****)(NATIONAL)Telephone: +27 (11) ***-**** (Switchboard)
Fax: +27 (11) ***-***
Cell Phone: +27 (83) ***-****

Office Address:
******* House
Ballywoods Office Park
29 – 33 Ballyclare Drive

Please note that our telephone systems are down at the moment due to the theft of the Copper Wire Cables in our area over the weekend. Telkom (the phone company) has assured us they are working on replacing
the cables as soon as possible. Should you need to contact us, please contact ******** ***** on ***********.

For our international clients, please understand that the theft of Copper Wire Cables happens frequently in South Africa and causes great inconvenience to businesses.