Speak up now!!!

by sidin in

Dear All,

Tomorrow there will be a panel discussion organized by CNBC-TV18 on the reservation issue. The event, driven by a friend of the author's, is to give the issue a good balanced hearing.

It is NOT an anti-Arjun Singh rant fest
It is NOT an anti-reservation rant fest
It IS an opporunity to hear what four professors from the IIMs who know their stuff have to say about the issue. They have numbers, facts and opinions.
It IS an opporunity to ask questions, debate and disagree
It IS an opportunity to vindicate your opinions or stand corrected

It IS happening tomorrow in Mumbai and there are very very limited seats available. We would like alumni from the top government institutions, not just the IIXs, especially those of the more senior batches to participate and share ther thoughts.

If you are genuinely interested to talk and discuss then drop Rajjat a quick line at 9833360158.

We apologise for the short notice but the adventure to get this organized would make a great thriller novel.

The committee trying to get CNBC to hold a high-level panel discussion on reservations.