I Pink therefore I am…

by sidin in

As I do every few months I was cleaning out my music CDs and DVDs today. They have a habit of getting into the wrong cases and then finally disappear without a trace especially if they are very expensive or rare. While doing this I noticed something peculiar. Peculiar because I am an engineer MBA and, as everyone knows, engineer MBAs like the sort of music they can listen to while lounging on grass and breathing in fresh clean air and, especially, vice versa. But wait. I actually have albums by people like:

Bryan Adams
Dire Straits
Bon Jovi
The Bee Gees
Hootie and the Blowfish
Boney M etc. etc.

While I completely detest Metallica, Iron Maiden and all of those types and have nothing by them. Even when it comes to Pink Floyd I can hardly stand just a couple of tracks (Gasp! You say?). I find most of the songs just too weird. To me it all sounds like:

(Deep booming sound)

Completely wasted guy: Coming intooh the dahrkness…

(Twang… boom)

Anywhere-ere-ere but where you are… are…are (echo echo)

(Crash… shuffle shuffle… pouring water…)

Light is where the truth begins to gargle

(Crash… tinkle tinkle… bang…)

The smoke is green… or blue... even (very grave vocals…) magentaaaaaahhhhhh (climax then fade)


You get the picture right. But I also find Raveena Tandon very hot, Celina Jaitley an eyesore and I positively adore Amisha Patel. Nothing makes my heebie-jeebies go hubba-hubba like Kareena Kapoor. Is this a problem? Will I become socially outcast? Am I abnormal?

I am scared… scared… scared… scared… (Twang!… CRASH)