Getting the house in order…

by sidin in

Time for some interesting updates on this blog and on life in general...

1. Adsense is up and running. Now that I am writing for a living no point in NOT milking every source yes? If anyone has a serious issue with the adsense boxes on top please feel free to drop me a mail. That will be 10 bucks each please.

2. Keen eyes will note the new blogroll on the right side. It is in its infancy and I am slowly adding tons of blog I visit occassionally. So no hard feelings if I have missed out on some. In time it should be sizeable.

3. I HAVE MY FIRST QUIZ!!! I will doing a couple of quizzes at DAIICT in Ahmedabad in the last week of this month. Click here to know more! If anyone is there around that time do say hi...

4. And... drumroll... my first newspaper column is in the finishing stages and should start any week now. But oath of silence prevents me from revealing anything.

Been busy like mad closing out accounts, paying bills, changing mailing addresses and of course getting computing facilities set up at home. Finally I have broadband but my roomie's laptop is too contemplative for my liking. But things should turnaround in another week when i get my old laptop back.

Slowly settling down to the idea of writing all day. Easier said (and planned) than done let me tell you.

So keep dropping in and watch out for a new set of links to fave online columns in sometime.


p.s. Can anyone tell me how to make some posts sticky in blogger?