Thank You…

by sidin in

Dear all,

The decision to pursue writing for a living is not an easy one. In fact such a career move, in our society atleast, is one fraught with familial opposition but public appreciation. And sometimes that balance is not always pleasant.

But the response from the blog-reading public has been overwhelming. Even after I went public with it there have been moments of weakness and each time there has been a word of comfort and encouragement from people I have never spoken or met before. Not to mention the numerous leads and contacts. I am indebted.

Many people have written to me saying they want to go out and do their own thing as well. Which is awesome but that also means you have to do some homework before you set out. Take the risk but take the educated risk. While doing your own thing is all about heart, a little bit of head is not out of place.

So there. I wont sermonise and if you want sermons drop me a mail. I will oblige :)

And as you can see below its back to usual business on Domain Maximus.

Hang around. This place is going to get fun!