Rambler for hire..

by sidin in

Dear All,

Finally after weeks of contemplation and thought and watching Friends reruns I have decided to finally do it. A few days from now I will cease to be a consultant. Instead I will be a writer.

As we speak an email is hurtling its way across the nation to my HR and MD indicating my imminent departure from AT Kearney. From next Friday I will be a free bird and will immediately embark on a book, freelancing, columning and anything else I can force people to hire my writing skills for.

The reasons are numerous. But in the end I decided I needed to do what I was happiest doing. So if you know anyone who needs freelence writing, columning, both serious and the "Domain Maximus" type, drop me a line on sidinsv at gmail dot com. And do pass the word around.

My portfolio of services include:
1. Travel writing
2. Food and movie reviews
3. Random thought pieces and fillers
4. Captions, blurbs and marketing material
5. Professional party attendee and conversation provoker
6. Anything else that needs a creative mind and a cheeky pen

Also, and this is for all those corporates, business schools and colleges out there, I do pretty snazzy quizzes and quiz shows. So I can do anything from an India History quiz to a Cement Industry quiz. Quality and timepass guaranteed.

On a serious note drop me an email if anything interests you.

Sidin Sunny Vadukut.

p.s. The updates will be now be more frequent...