Its a wonderful day…

by sidin in

Just back from my first class... and for the next I have to read a paper called "Differentiating antecedents of organizational commitment".

Two minutes into the paper I come across this staggering bit of prose:

"The purpose of this paper is to examine the value of March and Simon's motivational framework in clarifying the relationships between commitment antecedents and the two commitment dimensions. This framework is then used for construct validation of the two-dimensional organizational commitment measure."

I am sure the author must have cracked his "Written Analysis and Communication" course out of shape. There is no justice in this world.

However I thank god I don't have to read any of these.

Yesterday while crossing a road in front of the dorm the thought suddenly struck me. Suppose I could control nature. Stop traffic when i wanted to. Life as a super hero would be nice wouldn't it?

Rest assured as the thoughts develop you all will know first. The next post is either that or a piece called "Brilliant Russian Football". Both complete fiction of course.