Rhyme and punishment…

by sidin in

Aaaah. I love that song Bin Tere Sanam. When it pumps out of my speakers, as it is now, pure ecstacy. And much nostalgia about my internships in Mumbai. Tremendous track that should be the rage in all our parties this year.

(I have to force myself to sit down and type. My fingers want to snap, my feet want to dance...)

I dance a mean jig for a fat guy. If it wasn't for the one busted knee I could be in the movies now you know. My busted knee. It was right after CAT. And all for a good cause.

Me and my roomie decided to join a gym. Both of us had to lose weight. We were growing out of pants faster than a P4 hyperthread processor in a jet fighter. (Today is a day for both bad poetry and analogies.) So we joined a gym ten minutes away from home on our Bajaj Sunny.

The first thing I noticed was that not one guy in the gym needed to be there. Lithe bodies pumped iron all around us. I was not one to be humiliated easily. I pushed out my chest, sucked my belly in and warmed up on the cycling machine. I popped one button on my shirt, but the pride was worth it.

I could see myself in the mirror in front. I soon had a fine sweaty sheen on me. I looked down and read off the distance covered. 200 meters. And some 25 calories or some such ridiculous number. I could get my tonsils removed and lose more weight. This was going to be a long day.

Things got awry when I was told to sit down on the floor mat for some hideous abdomen thingies. As I lowered myself down (at my weight words like "quickly squatted" or "nimbly sat" lose meaning) my right knee buckled in a tiny fraction of a centimeter.

Two days later I was at home in a plaster with a medial meniscus tear. While the entire incident was the source of much mirth at the office, the comment that took the cake was the doctor's. After listening to my story and checking my weight, he pondered for a sec. And said: "You are too heavy to do gym type exercises. You should only visit a gym after you lose weight..." Now I knew where those thin types came from...

That Axe deo thing works by the way. We had to form groups for one of our courses. And I am in a group with four other women. Last time something like that happened was when I ran into a train at Grant Road. And in a hasty rush got into the ladies' compartment. (A group like that was suicide back in engineering college. You carried all the heavy stuff and handled all the dangerous chemicals.)

Now I have atleast three hours of work to do for class tomorrow. And a football match to watch.

Which reminds me. Greece drew with Spain today. I am surprised Spain didnt lose though. Check out what they had to cope with:

The guy on the left. Won't launch a thousand ships will he...