Uff kya tiring room cleaning hey…

by sidin in

It has been done. I have breathed new life into my room. And what a rescue it was. As the photos below will testify. Jolly good show I say.



Which also means I did not get time to write anything even remotely interesting today. So do hold on till around 11 in the morning tomorrow when I will be back from my first class.

In the meantime I just heard that Sweden beat Bulgaria 5 - 0. Which reminds of two things.

Thing it reminded me of No. 1: Went to play footer for our college B team a few years ago. (When I was thinner, more athletic, lithe. Only the killer looks remain to this day.) We bussed to a place called Viralimalai. Somewhere on the road from Trichy to Madurai I think. Absolute National Geographic material. Small seven a side tournament and I think it was the pre-quarters. We had done well the previous day and were looking forward to a thumping win, if not as emphatic as our 5 - 0 romp the evening before. (As much as I would have liked to score the first off a swirling free kick and then sublimely dive and head the second in, I was the goalkeeper. They never attacked. I did well under the circumstances.)

Our opponents were some obscure BlahBlah FA. Hmm... FA... shouldnt it be FC we asked one of the organizers. No no they are from a football academy, organizer anna said. A flea passing wind would have thundered in the ensuing silence.

We lost 10 to nothing. Which is horrendous in international football matches. We managed that in two halves of twenty minutes each. The ball was never greater than 6 feet away from me. The local children lined up behind the goal posts and counted each goal as it went in. I tried to play along and count with them, always the people man. (Much later a tam friend passed on detailed translations of what I thought were sympathetic shouts of encouragement from the sizeable bunch behind me. They had strong opinions of what I should do with the ball each time it slipped past my fingers.)

We kept it hush hush in college for a few months. But soon everyone knew and it wasn't cool to be a footer team guy anymore. The B team members ever so quietly moved their loyalties to other pastimes like crosswords and clay modelling. Basically things without scorelines or academies devoted to it.

Thing it reminded me of No. 2: A nice joke I read in some max politically incorrect joke book. There was this football game between the polish and the english. Both teams walked out to the pitch. The english were soon warming up while the polish coach went around reminding his players to use no hands and that biting and head butting was not to be done, as far as possible.

Coin tossed. Whistle. And the game is afoot. However soon the english coomplain of rough play and walk off the pitch. The game continues. Twenty minutes later the Polish score a goal and win the match.

Chalo people. More after SFI2 class in the morning.

P.S. How about a shoutbox thingie on this site?