Return to sender…

by sidin in ,

Ahh... Back in IIMA. Second year beckons. So does all my luggage on the first floor. Big cardboard boxes full of heavy things. So more later tonight...

I have noticed an interesting trend. I get most of my hits on working days. Saturdays and Sundays are lifeless. Which means I get read in the office. Which means noone actually spends any money to read my blog. That makes me not want to write a book. Which means I wont get royalty and a heavy advance. Which means I wont make any multi-million charity contributions or civic donations. Society doesn't deserve that.

Read me on weekends. For society's sake.

And finally, an old mallu joke. Friends in a bus going through some photographs. Some camping trip or something. Bus very crowded. Bus breaks suddenly. Hero drops a photograph. Photograph glides through the air vehemently searching for a resting place. Finally finds one on the floor safe in the shadows of Cicily aunty's shimmering silk saree.

Hero: Madam can you lift your saree for a second?
Cicily: WHAT???!!!!! WHY???!!!!
Hero: I want to take a photo...

Have a great new week. And England Rocks!!!