Intertemporally Yours Been getting tons of emai…

by sidin in

Intertemporally Yours

Been getting tons of emails and the site counter has been zooming along famously. Long lost friends have been mailing in. But amidst that I again got a few mails/comments from people who said the post was trash and had factual errors and belittled northies. The Customer, alas, is king. So I confess everything. Yes dear world, I was trying to be funny, yes yes I got the castes of some of the names wrong. Yes in Tamil it is an "appalam" and not "poppadom". Yes, I was trying to bring a little joy and cheer into the world. Yes (sob sob) yes I was exaggerating the truth, noone would throw their children off a window after naming them. DEAR WORLD I HAVE SINNED!!!

So shoot me.

(P.S. Currently working on a post on success in the workplace for new recruits and first time employees. I am trying to cut down the humour and bring it more true to life. It wil be co-written by a close personal associate, Miss Pinky, a ballet dancing elephant from Jhumri Thalaiyya. She is very good at reality checks.)