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The Indian Electorate has finally made its mettle felt. The oldest of political hands have been taught many a stern lesson this time round. Whatever be ones personal political leanings the results this time should have been most heartening to many. The electorate has shown its complete disinterest in being taken for a ride. While it may yet be immature to say that the average Indian voter has come of age, no more is a candidate going to win by default.

While some called it Bharath vs. India, the rural impoverished pitted against the "feel-good" yuppie, the results seem to tell a story scripted differently. The incumbents were told firmly that a spin campaign, reform and ideology alone cannot win votes. Leave alone BPO jobs and public transport, where is the water dudes? Why do I still eat as much as I did five years ago?

But the real lesson is for the congress. This time its the common man shouting "Gharibi Hatao", not the party manifesto. And its a voice that may be ignored with dire consequences. The secular alliance has to get its act in place very very soon. The electorate has shown that it will be not as forgiving as past electorates, Gandhi family notwithstanding.

Another heartening development has been the emergence of young MPs. Be it silver screen stars or bigwig progeny, a younger government can only bode well for the nation. Its time to get some fresh blood on the LS floor. "India Expiring" has given way to "India Exuberant". Hope these young turks can get some zip and verve into the Center.

Its a sad demise for Atalji though. Indeed one of the most noble heads of state the country has seen. One politician cadres of any party would mention with utmost respect. However even his demise has a concealed message for the incoming government. The Indian isnt going to fall for the personality anymore. You will have to earn each and every ballot. And for the Congress and its alliance partners, the challenge starts now. We are watching Soniaji, and we wont forget a single thing.