FAQs for Facchas - Part 1 1. Do I need a laptop…

by sidin in

FAQs for Facchas - Part 1

1. Do I need a laptop?
Ans: Not really. We have a very good LAN. And by very good I mean awesome spectacular and all that. And you will never need a laptop for anything. Besides it overheats, slowsdown when people access all the wonderful music you guys bring etc. I have one. But then I have many floral shirts too.

2. What do I bring when I come?
Ans: Adequate clothing. You can wear anything to class. So chill. A set of formals will help. A blazer is good, but junta will buy it for summers later anyway. Bed linen and pillow of course. Table cloths for the hygiene inclined. And rooms will need much dusting in the heat. No buckets or mugs and all that. And please no bags and bags of provisions. There is a student store on campus. Though get a notebook or so if your landing in the nick of time. No buckets and mugs dudes. And of course I can help you shop. I come at 100 rupees an hour, or 60 rupees and hour and dinner.

3. How bad is first year?
Ans: Pretty bad really. Like getting a root canal done everyday for a year. But with the right attitude and decent academic application, you shouldnt find weekly timepass beyond your abilitities. Its not as bad as you think, but then not as chill as you will pray it to be later.

4. Hows the music scene? And movies?
Ans: If you're the music type, welcome to paradise. You will find everything released ever. Yes, even you demented closet boy band fans will find good pickings. The MAD club has enough movies to cater to all and sundry. LEave no stone unturned and no hard drive unfilled is our motto.

5. What is this ramp party thing?
Ans: Oh extreme enjoyment I say!!! Loud music. And large scale violation of law and order. And will not reflect on any academic record anywhere. Hic!!

6. So how do I get a good summers abroad?
Ans: There are many ways of doing that, and worrying about that now is not one of them. Placecom accepts payments in the form of food, Bacardi and Sylvia Saint. No seriously, dont worry about it. Right now enjoy sleep and three good meals a day.

7. Is there sleep deprivation there?
And: Do Mallus go to the gulf? Does Mirinda make your tongue orange? Yes Yes Yes Yes. You will sleep very little. But not for academic purposes all the time. Biological clocls are not allowed on campus. Besides many tucchas play arabic rock loudly at 3 in the morning.

8. Can I bring a bike on campus?
Ans: Yes. Most useful to carry the truckload of material to your dorm from the case unit.

9. Are there eating out places?
Ans: Its gujjuland. Eating is 70% of the state GDP. YES YES YES.

10. Is this FAQ meant only for IIMA freshers?
Ans: No no no. The rest of you can read it and even take prinouts. But dont use it to poke fun at the IIMA facchas. They need to stock up on all the self esteem they can right now.