Chicken soup for the sleep deprived Was wondering…

by sidin in

Chicken soup for the sleep deprived
Was wondering if there is any book on "How to have fun, get a consulting job and decent sleep in B school". It would make a killing at IIMA from what I hear. Carrying forward the topic of weird books, saw one today on making perfumed candles at home.... It costs twice as much as a book on the future of the Indian Economy.

I have this thing for salads nowadays. Ran through the entire Subway slaad menu in a months time. Their Tuna salad is pretty cool. Coleslaw is still number one though. But just.

Summer internship is suddenly on everybody's mind. With greater student strength, people anticipate a messy summers recruitment session. Hope I can get through without getting too involved in the rat race. But hey, why I am I talking like a sissy suddenly...

Could it be because 299 other people are thinking exactly the same thing ???

Good Night.