A new friend… My blog as been listed on the MBA…

by sidin in

A new friend...
My blog as been listed on the MBALeague blog. The blog has a lot of info about present and future b-school students. Do check it out. (I told you all, I am going up in life...)

I completed "Snapshots from Hell" a few days ago. If the purpose of the book was to turn you away from b school, well it has not worked on me. I can't wait for B-school to start. For people who are not familiar with the Indian B school scene, around 100,000 people write the examination to make it to one of the top B schools. And most people regard IIM Ahmedabad the best. But honestly most of us really dont do much soul searching when we chose which B school to go to. There are a few good ones, some mediocre ones and lots of bad ones. So there isn't that much of a choice. For most people the IIMs do the soul searching for them.

The initial excitement has died down a bit now, especially on the email group. Though there are a lot of fachcha parties happening. "Fachca" is slang for first year students. I guess it is derived from Fresh or First and "Bachcha" which means child in Hindi. Every year once the CAT examination are through and he final admission lists are out, the fachcha party is a sort of tradition.

Seniors wherever thay maybe doing their summers tend to organize parties where the first years get to interact with a few second years and more senior alumni. Extremely well managed affairs, and helps to dispell a few myths... and create a few.

Many of us fachchas are really looking forward to seeing how much we can suffer sleep deprivation. Many of us hope that all the "hard work and no sleep talk" we get from our seniors and books and blogs is just a global conspiracy to pull a fast one on us before we join.

I think I'll go and watch XMen 2 today.