A whale of a time: I read on UPI today that the A…

by sidin in

A whale of a time:
I read on UPI today that the American Navy has withheld use of low frequency sonars due to a court ruling. It was found that these sonar waves may be severely damaging whales all over the world, because the whales use sonar themselves and the navy was pumping in the waves at 140 decibels. If you don't know how that feels, its like living at the end of the runway at an airport for your whole life. Or to make it more graphical, its like having Bappi Lahiri music pumping through your walkman every minute of everyday. I am telling you, one day all these whales, and tigers are going to discover nuclear weapons and all hell will break lose. And somebody else has found that every year upto 47% of the plants in the world maybe going extinct. Which basically means that we dont leave much space for anything else on the planet. Imagine a future where the only animals around will be chickens, the plants tobacco and marijuana, and all rain forests will be converted into car parks sponsored by Cola and petroleum companies. Sort of like a garish set from one of those K.T. Kunjumon Tamil movies.

Which brings us to the fact that Reliance Industries has discovered a mammoth source of fuel in the Krishna Godavari basin. They say it will feed the country for years and years to come. And that the Andhra Pradesh economy will go through the roof. I have one sincere hope, that there will be an Andhra Pradesh years and years from now. If you think all the gultis out there are going to become Sheikhs, stop dreaming, the people in Bhopal thought that too.

No jokes today. I dont feel very funny at all.