Please destroy the originals: Yesterday somebody …

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Please destroy the originals:
Yesterday somebody sent me a mail about the Mallu star Mohanlal taking Ram Gopal Verma to court for not paying him his salay in full for the movie Company. He was promised 50 lakhs and was paid only 36 lakhs to date, and was suing him for 14 lakhs. Which is all very fine you might say. But if you are one of the vast majority of people who earn around 2 lakhs a years, thats very poignant. Mohanlal gets paid 25 years of your life, for wearing an ill fitting Khakhi suit, mumbling heavily accented Hindi, (most of which I bet even he didnt really get), and spending most of his time looking over his spectacles. If you still think he deserves all that, he also got to talk to Isha Koppikkar for free. (Yes a few are are nodding their heads now). He probably danced with her for that Khallas song when noone was looking. (There are a whole lot of people who agree now). And now all he is doing is saying indirectly: "Hey come on and give me that remaining 8 years of Sidin's salary, I am not happy with the 18 years you've already given me..." Hell, and I think my Medical Reimbursement is a gift from god. Which puts things in perspective for me. I have now refused to lose weight, give up my spectacles, and have now started Hindi classes. If there is any director out there, dont worry, I won't fight over those few lakhs.

They have sent Devdas to the Oscars!! Thats like sending Saudi Arabia to the cricket world cup. Big, rich, lots of money, but caught the wrong bus..... They should have send a Govinda movie, or Baba even, and it wouldnt have made a difference. Thats not saying that Devdas wont get nominated, after all the Americans may give it for its: "Amazing depiction of ancient Indian alcoholism, bringing out the pathos of failed love, brimming over with the effervescence of over-aged Madhuris, under-talented Aishwaryas, and a lead man who seamlessly handles scenes of stammering, intense love, to scenes of stammering, intense humour. A salute to the strength of the producers back side....Truly a masterpiece of costume jewellery and silk sarees, of course coated with gold dust and silver safety pins...."

Now for our joke:

Q:Did you hear about the sardar skydiver?
A:He missed the Earth!