Of rains and vaastu: Its been a long and rather …

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Of rains and vaastu:
Its been a long and rather tiresome wait for rains in Chennai. And now that it has started it is going to be a long tiring wait for the roads to clear up and normal traffic movement to resume. A co-worker was just telling me how the rains had cleaned the stretch of road in front of her house and left it good as new. Little does she realize that the garbage has not been magically transported to another dimension by the mystical powers of the torrential downpour. No sir, it has just been moved enmasse right into the house of the poor soul who lives at the bottom of the hill. Which reminds of an ancient Romanian jungle saying:

"He who lives on a mountain side, builds his toilet downhill"

Which is true and sensible in most cases. So what do all people who live on perfectly flat land do, they follow the ancient Mongolian jungle saying:

"He who lives on flat land, builds his toilet downwind"

Again makes great sense if you ask me. And now theres an added bonus to those who read stuff I send. (I suppose if you have read till this point, you would be interested). I am hosting all these write ups at http://sidin.blogspot.com. I think it looks cute. try it out. And do give me feedback.

P.S. If you are one of those people who delete my mail without reading, there is an embedded virus in this that sends all your temporary internet files and images to all the girls in your address book, your HR manager and your parents. You have been warned.