Its all gone to the dogs… Okay so we’ve blown i…

by sidin in

Its all gone to the dogs...
Okay so we've blown it again in the Asian Games, a runner gets caught for doping. Imagine what would happen if they did drug tests during TIES......
Somebody send me a friendship week mail today. Which set me on a nostalgic line of thought. Many of the egroups we formed after college, dont seem to be working anymore. No more do I get those "I got laid off", "I got laid", "I didnt get aid", "I got aid", "I need money", "They got married !!!", "They broke up", "I am going steady with the receptionist" etc. etc. mails. I guess we all got busy with our individual lives. Its not too bad though. Siddharth Narayan had popped over yesterday, and we had a nice little evening reminiscing about RECT. And there were a few funny moments too, like Dawood trying to tell Siddharth how 29C stopped at a particular busstop. It went something like this:

S: So which one goes to Besant nagar ?
D: 29C
S: And I can get it from here ?
D: Yes.
S: But the sign shows a cut across 29C...
D: Thats ok, it means it doesnt go to Besant nagar
S: But I want to go to Besant Nagar
D: Catch the 29C then
S: But it has a slash across it..
D: Thats ok that means it doesnt go
S: Oh so the bus does not come here
D: No it does...
S: But then why cancel it...
D: Its not cancelled yaar, it wont go all the way to besant nagar
S: So where does it go ?
D: Well almost to besant nagar..
S: But I dont want to go almost to besant nagar...
D: Then dont take it...
(By this time I was rolling in the busstand laughing my head off, Siddharth had that look you have when you find out that you have gone to Maris and walked into the
wrong theatre, and you have to watch "Night of the vampire cannibal girls" instead of "Gone with the wind", Dawood on the other hand looked like the Buddha in one of
those stone statues, totally at calm)
S: So which one do I take
D: The 29C without a slash on it.
S: But this sign shows a slash, so it does not stop here does it.....
D: Ommmmmmm Ommmmmmm Ommmm...

Anyways wasnt that soooo nostalgic. And another thing was how things I had heard about guys in Bangalore were all rumours. Our batch is pretty good at getting exactly
the wrong impression across. Following is how a rumour spreads, in chronological order:

The truth: XYZ went for the movie "Erin Brokowich", liked it a lot and went twice.

Now watch what happens when the rumour mills rip it apart:

1. He went for Erin twice and had a sandwich
2. He went out with Irene and they shared a sandwich in public, not once but twice
3. He went out with that Irene female and they went to the beach
4. He went out with some girl called Irene, but he things she is a b!@#$
5. Hey he's hanging out with a girl called Shereen and they went to the beach twice last week.
6. Machaan, he took her to the beach and proposed
7. That fellow took some girl to the beach twice and fell in love with her daaa.
8. Yaar, he got two stiches on his knee, he fell down at the beach.
9. Some girl beat him up at the beach and he got a couple of stiches.
10. Our friend goes to the beach, gets bitten by a dog, however he is rescued by a girl, who beats up the dog, he has two stiches and he has been admitted in Apollo, but
that girl is with him and buys him sandwiches everyday.
11. And finally: Hey guys, he was admitted in a hospital for choking on a sandwich, there he met a dog and married it. You can see them on the beach everyday going for

All because he went to see "Erin Brokowich" Something about rectians never change, its always out of syllabus.

See you people with all the latest news soon.
(No offence to any sex intended at all, please dont spam me)