Selamat Datang!

by sidin in

Thats what them Malaysians say when they meet someone! Now before I put down all my copious notes and research on Malaysia into a decent-sized travelogue I need to put the nose to the grindstone and catch up with hajaar pending work. And also put out some notices.

Notice 1: The book project is coming along nicely. A few publishers are being spoken too. It will be anthology of essays, articles and travel pieces. Best blogs, and columns and so on. And a lot of new material. So spare a prayer for that. Let's hope it makes a little whimper amongst all the screaming from new english writers in India everywhere

You can help me by telling which posts are definitely shoo in. So drop me a plugoo when you get the time.

Notice 2: In other news I have a couple of excellent internships up for grabs. Six month long projects with an interesting outfit who is assessing HR practises within top name companies and then bringing out a high profile report. (Top!) Perfect for someone looking to do an MBA and searching out for a great project / CV point. So if you are interested, OR, know someone who is then drop me a mail right away. Use. the 'I'm Listening' link on top. Two people is all I need. BTW good money, fame, networking and moderate publicity.

(Update @ 4:54 PM IST: The internship is Full Time. So sorry if you are a strategy consultant looking for more work 'cos his work-life balance simply does not suck enough.)

More posts and updates as the day progresses.